• Brian and Christina at Los Chorros farm.
  • Los Chorros Farm on the Coffee Drying Patio.
  • Los Chorros farm
  • View from Los Chorros farm
  • Brian and Christina at Santa Clara farm.
  • Road to Santa Clara farm
  • Santa Clara Coffee plant.
  • La Pinada farm
  • Brian and Christina La Pinada farm
  • San Pedro Necta boys hauling firewood home.
  • Coffee Cherries
  • Our Dietrich Coffee Roaster
  • Drip Coffee mobile coffee roasting trailer.

Brian and Christina


An Engineer and Emergency Physician working together to help the underserved!


Brian is a Bio-Engineer who has worked in many developing countries over the past decade installing safe drinking water systems. He and his wife Christina started DRIP Coffee Brewing Company in 2018 after a medical relief trip to Guatemala where the couple met many villagers who were struggling to make a living by exporting their small family farmed coffees.  And the rest as they say is history!




100% of all profits go directly back to the farmers and their local community. 



Check out the work Brian is doing at Crabtree Scientific to see the community projects your purchase is directly supporting in these communities!